Patriarchy is the insidious cultural force governing our planet today;
a hierarchal system supporting elite supremacy and male domination.
It is rooted in all religious & political systems that patronize a male GOD,
give MAN dominion over the Earth or appoint MAN head of household.

Patriarchy has dominated the world for many centuries and continues
keeping the creative forces and powers of the female under its control.
The Goddess as Divinity, Earth, Mother & Life-Giver has been deliberately
suppressed, supplanted, diminished and erased by elite hierarchies of
patriarchal power along with the feminine powers of birthing and
sustaining all life on earth. This has sadly resulted in the sick and
dysfunctional world we live in today and the problems that go with it.

Patriarchy creates illusions of male supremacy, power and importance.
Of course the idea of male supremacy is absurd, but when we uphold this
delusion we are actually supporting and sustaining a hierarchal system
that keeps millions oppressed, sick, dependent, poor and powerless.

We must also realize that by relinquishing our power to Patriarchy
we actually justify, condone or rationalize condescending or
abusive treatment toward females, children, animals, nature,
or any other life-form considered less valuable!

Patriarchy sits at the root of misogyny, codependency,
sexism, racism, homophobia, religious fundamentalism,
alcoholism, addictions, wars, genocide, greed, pornography,
violence against women, children, men of color, lower classes,
obsession with body image; eating disorders, domestic violence,
child abuse, rape, incest, crimes against humanity, false imprisonment,
& many other abuses and atrocities we see in our world today.

Patriarchy is a belief system that  stifles our true essence by creating
a false sense of reality. It perpetuates shame and deterioration of
soul because it goes against the natural forces of life.

The truth is...
We are all spiritual beings, one with Nature, one in Spirit,
valuable and complete in the framework of our design,
and we must reclaim our divinity, unique mysteries, and deep
connection with the natural world in order to fully recover.

The laws and forces that govern life,
Yin and Yang, are balanced,
flowing harmoniously and equally between polarities.
If we are not aligned with the natural forces, seasons and cycles
of life... we stay unbalanced and therefore unhealthy.

Males as well as females are gravely affected by Patriarchy because
it defines unrealistic roles for us that are impossible to emulate
without creating conflict and confusion in our basic natures and
in our relationships with one another. Patriarchy teaches males
to act like GOD and females to serve GOD/MAN which creates
wars within the self, and when there's conflict and stress within
there is always discord, dis-ease and dysfunction without.   

In The Sacred Circle...
We are reclaiming our feminine power, unique mysteries,
rites of passage & celebrations to heal and recreate our lives.
We are also freeing ourselves from the mental & emotional bondage
of Patriarchy because it lies at the core of our codependency,
diseases, dysfunctions, compulsions, addictions & oppression
and true recovery isn't possible until we are restored
to sanity and wholeness as Children of the Earth
and the true creators of humanity.

~ JoAnna Silverwitch ~
What is Patriarchy?
Recovering & Reclaiming
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The Tapestry

One starry night near ocean tides
I mused on sands near cliffs of size
beneath a peaceful moonlight glow
to calming waves of ebb and flow

When visions came mysteriously
of women merged in harmony
calling Air & Fire & Earth
And waters clean to bring rebirth

They gathered 'round a fire bright
weaving threads of silvery light
chanting words that spoke her name
raising power to touch and change

The sisters spun a tapestry
with magic spells and blessings be
they held it up with healing hands
then laid it down to claim the land

In the flames they banished pain
from patriarchy's sad domain
& as the sparks rose to the skies
they let it go with grateful sighs

To trancing drums they danced in glee
with beauty, grace and dignity
then circled 'round the tapestry
sharing dreams & feasting free...

Then rising tides and salty swells
came splashing up to break my spell
and so I left this sacred space
but the tapestry remains in place

Silverwitch -- 1988
The Effects of Patriarchy

Patriarchy is a misogynist system that instills
in us the shame of being female, so many of us go
through life inwardly feeling there is something wrong
with us. When we continue living this LIE we develop
our own brand of self-hatred which leads in time to
internalized oppression, pain, rage, fear and inner
turmoil resulting in many destructive  patterns, habits
or addictions that complicate our lives in various ways

Patriarchy creates the fragmentation of the soul
that leads to the disease of Codependency and
other deadly addictions.  This soul sickness
starts in early years of life when we are forced
to adjust to the harsh realities of Patriarchy
then progresses into many neurotic disorders,   
dysfunctions and diseases if we keep tolerating
or internalizing the pain that comes with it.

This becomes a way of life for many of us...
and once we are in this dilemma it becomes
difficult differentiating true from false because
our awareness of being goddess-like or sacred
as a female has been greatly diminished or erased.

As women we lose our power & sense of self in
Patriarchy because our unique mysteries & female
values are not reflected in the Patriarchal world
around us.  Images of the Great Mother or Divine
Feminine have been erased for centuries so it's easy
to lose sight of our true identity when we lack real
or mythic models that can mirror who we are.

Even when sparks of sacredness emerge from
within us at times, they can be quickly squashed by
surrounding cultural forces that keep us in constant
states of fear, oppression, rage, pain or denial and
cripple our ability to express ourselves freely.

To heal our minds, bodies, hearts and souls we must
reclaim our sacred spaces and a spiritual path that
honors our unique mysteries as women, made in the
image & likeness of the Goddess. This is what true
recovery for women  is all about.  ---
J. Silverwitch

    by Jean Shinoda Bolen

    Untappped source of peace,
    The only real hope
    Is to draw upon the collective wisdom of women.
    Those with direct experience of the cost of war:
    The life of child, grandchild, sibling, spouse.
    The loss of limb or mind of someone near and dear,
    The loss of laughter, the pervasiveness of fear,
    The loss of hope for the future.

    Untapped source of peace,
    Those who know of domestic violence:
    Seen the effect of bullying on sons,
    Seen daughters become silent,
    Seen light go out in their eyes.
    Those who know
    That when every child matters,
    When none are hungry, abused or discounted
    The world will become a kinder place
    For us all

    Untapped source of peace,
    Women with empathy
    Who live in a world apart,
    Are safe, loved, and fortunate,
    Yet can imagine
    Being helpless, beaten, and raped,
    Then forced to bear a child
    Conceived in violence.
    Women who know in their hearts
    That what happens to any woman
    Could happen to them.

    Untapped source of peace,
    Women who see loved ones
    filled with vengeance and hate,
    Hyper-vigilant, fear-ridden, or afraid to sleep
    Because of the nightmares.
    Husbands, brothers, sons, and now daughters
    Home from wars,
    Bearing little resemblance to who they could have
    In a peaceful world.

    Untapped source of peace,
    Women in circles,
    Women connecting,
    Women together
    Bringing the sacred feminine,
    Maternal instinct, sister archetype,
    Mother power
    Into the world.

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A-mazing Amazons and Goddess Women must become aware of the
male methods of mystification. Elsewhere I have discussed four
methods which are
essential to the games of the patriarchal fathers.

First, there is the ERASURE of women. Example: the massacre of
millions of women as witches has been erased from patriarchal scholarship.  

Second, there is REVERSAL. Example: Adam gives birth to Eve,
or Zeus gives birth to Athena in patriarchal myth.

Third, there is FALSE POLARIZATION.  Example: Male-defined
"feminism" is set up against male-defined "sexism" in the patriarchal media.

Fourth, there is DIVIDE AND CONQUER.  Example: Token women
are trained to kill off feminists in patriarchal professions.

As we move further on the meta-patriarchal journey, we find deeper and deeper
layers of these demonic patterns embedded in the culture and implanted in our souls.
These constitute mind-bindings comparable to the foot-bindings which mutilated millions
of Chinese women for a thousand years. Stripping away layer after layer of these
mind-binding societal/mental embeds is the a-mazing essential to the healing journey.

~ Mary Daly ~

From GYN ECOLOGY ---- page 8  ----  Beacon Press... Boston, 1978