The UCM Ministry
Ministerial Services and Credentials
Rev. JoAnna C. Medina

Join Rev. JoAnna C. Medina in
The Sacred Circle for Ministerial Studies,
special workshops, classes or courses
of study in world religions, theologies,
mythologies, mystical arts and the earth.

* Women Studies * Herstory vs History
* Feminism & Ancient Partnership Societies
* Comparative Religions & Mythologies
* Patriarchy  * Woman's Spirituality
* Traditions of Earth and Spirit
* The Sacred Wheel - Days of Power
* The Healing Arts... Spiritualism...
* Women's Mysteries & Rites of Passage
* Mystical Paths   * Arts of Divination
* Tarot    * Astrology   * Numerology
* Ministerial Training and Leadership
* Creating Rituals & Ceremonies
* Art of raising power in song and dance
* The Healing Arts   * Food & Nutrition  
* Recovering and Reclaiming our divinity
* Women's Recovery & Healing
*Tracing our Roots as Earthlings

Priestessing - Healing - Mystical Arts

Rev JoAnna Medina has served the UCM Ministry since 1986
and offers Ministerial Credentials to all women who are
inspired to become ministers in the community. As an ordained
High Priestess, she can also ordain women as priestesses.

Universal Church of the Master believes that each of us
must find and travel on our own path, that no single set of rules
is applicable to everyone on a spiritual quest; that each of us
must excel in the spiritual gifts & purpose inherent in our souls,
that we become Masters of our Talents when living authentic lives.

Required Study: a year and a day.
The Licentiate Minister shall then be certified to administer
healing arts, council, readings, inspirational messages,
instruction or teachings of their particular Craft.

Required Study:  2 years
The Ordained Minister is entitled to perform all the
duties of a Licentiate Minister, plus marriage ceremonies,
baptism, naming ceremonies and memorial services.

UCM Tenets and Principles are Below
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JoAnna was born in San Jose California, the oldest child in a
large Italian family. In 1997 she moved to Carson City  with
her partner Thomas to be closer to her immediate  family
members who moved to the High Sierras in the 1960's.
She has 2 sons, 2 daughters,  2 son-in-laws who live nearby
along with grandchildren, brothers, nieces and nephews.
Her parents are now in the spirit world along with her only
sister and Thomas, who passed away in May of 2011.

JoAnna entered recovery on February 1, 1983,
and began her studies in the UC M Ministry in 1986.
She received her credentials as Licentiate Minister, Healer,
Intuitive Counselor and Teacher in March of 1998... and
ordained in 1999 at the Centre for Living with Dying in San
Jose California. She now serves the State of Nevada as
contact Minister for UCM and is fully authorized to
solemnize marriages and prepare students for ordination.

JoAnna received her credentials in Alcohol and Drug
Studies from University of California Santa Cruz in 1989
and has many years of experience in the field of Chemical
Dependency Treatment, Recovery and Rehabilitation. She
served as Supervisor for Teen Enrichment Center and Group
Facilitator - Counselor supporting teens and families in
treatment of alcoholism, addiction and codependency
in both social and medical models of Treatment.

Before leaving the Bay Area, JoAnna served as one of the
original staff members at Mariposa Lodge, a long-term
in-house rehabilitation center for women & their children.
She facilitated Co-Ed drumming circles, spiral dances, and
earth-based recovery groups at
The Camp in Scotts Valley...
while teaching classes for Santa Clara County at the
Foundation for Alcohol and Drug Awareness in Campbell.

Along with her active participation in 12 Step Recovery,
including the Serenity Seekers Recovery Group in C.C..
JoAnna spent over 33 years teaching and empowering
women in the larger community through her work in
The Sacred Circle, a self-supporting sisterhood that
honors the Divine Feminine in recovery.

In 2010, JoAnna was ordained as a High Priestess in the
Woman's Mystery Traditions by activist and author
Zsusanna Budapest, and acknowledged in the larger
Women's Community for bringing women together in
circles, gatherings and rituals for more than 25 years.
She has written her views in a variety of publications
including the Goddess Magazine and Fertile Ground;
and has authored three books which she is now in the
process of revising for publication.

As a student of the Mystical Arts for over 50 years..
JoAnna offers Tarot Reading, Astrological Charts and
counsel in her community and online on Zoom
She also serves as the Regional Coordinator
in Carson City, Nevada.

Passing On Feminine Ways
for Generations to Come!


Donations to JoAnna
for Course Studies... the Ministry... Clergy Services
Wedding Ceremonies... Memorial Services... Rites of Passage

Universal Church of the Master
Tenets & Principles

*  We believe in the Divine Infinite Power of everything in the universe,
Mother Goddess/Father God and the Unity of humankind.

* All phenomena that occurs within the realm of Mother Nature,
both physical and spiritual, are manifestations of this Infinite Intelligence.

* True religion is discovered by correctly understanding
and re-linking with the Laws of Nature & Spirit, and by living
in  harmony with all things in the great web of life

* Individual spiritual existence, personal soul identity and memory
continue after the transitional experience called "death."

* The Golden Rule... "whatsoever ye would that others should do
unto you, do ye also unto them"  is the essence of morality.

* Every individual is morally self-responsible.
Happiness flows from consonance with Laws of Nature & Spirit.
Unhappiness and misery follow upon disobedience.

* Genuine improvement, reformation and enlightenment
of the human soul is always possible in this world or the next.

* Prophecy exists in present times just as it did in ancient times

* The Universe, as a spiritual system expressing Divine Wisdom,
makes possible the spiritual awakening and eternal progress
of the aspiring soul who loves truth and goodness.

* Universal Church of the Master is truly universal & eclectic.
Our doors are wide open for all of humanity to enter in and explore;
and all are encouraged to make use of the wisdom and understanding
that flows through their consciousness from the infinite source of Life.

Blessed Be

We all come from the Goddess... and to Her we shall return...
Like a drop of rain... Flowing to the ocean ...    
Z Budapest

    Wedding or Handfasting
    Ceremonies by JoAnna
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Blessing-Way Ceremonies
Ceremonies for every occasion or Rite of Passage

Baptism... Naming... Menarche ... Coming of Age... Baby Shower... Engagement....
Life Work.... Moon-Pause ... Wisdom Years.... Retirement... Last Rites .... Memorial

JoAnna will create a special ceremony for any private occasion
to celebrate special life passages from cradle to grave

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